Saturday, July 12, 2014

Review of "Captain Chemo: Out, Cancer, Out!"

"Captain Chemo: Out, Cancer, Out!" is the first in a series of picture books ("Captain Chemo and Team" series)  that explain the process of chemotherapy to small children.

Cancer is scary for anyone. To a small child, it is worse than the boogie man under the bed or in the closet. This book with rhyming text is meant to give kids courage in the face of true evil.

It seems to me that it requires an adult's interaction to fully understand both the intention of the text and the illustrations, but since the presence of a loving adult comforts a child beyond measure that fact will actually contribute to its purpose. Coloring pages are a delightful addition for a hospitalised child. This little book may alleviate some of the helplessness surrounding childhood cancers and help children feel even a little in control of their worlds again. At the least, it staves off fear by explaining to the child what is happening in terms the child can understand.

Renee Robinson hopes to place this series of books in Children's Hospitals' Hem/Onc Departments everywhere.

Captain Chemo to the rescue!

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    1. You're welcome and thank you! Looking forward to working with you in the future. :)