Saturday, October 23, 2021

Deadline for Is(sue) 10 of AvantAppal(achia)


Dear Kinfolk,


Is(sue) 10 of AvantAppal(achia) will go live on December 15, 2021 and we need your experimental poetry, art, and short stories! Go to to check out guidelines and submit to avantappalachia@gmail by November 30, 2021. That’s the deadline. Dave Sykes and I accept submissions from around the world with only a slight emphasis on Appalachian poets, artists, and writers. We do ask for you to avoid holiday themes, erotica, and gratuitous language. Other than that, have fun. This ezine is all about the avant-garde and experimentalism. If you tend to write more conventional poetry, we also have an Appal(Trad) section. Thank you all for your loyalty – this ezine is what it is because of you!




Sabne Raznik

Poetry/Art Ed(itor)

New Minireading: Sabne Raznik reads Michael Farry's "Molly Courage"