Monday, February 25, 2019

North/South Appalachia Poetry

So I'm part of this now. One of the editors for the Southern Appalachian Region.

More info: Poetry & Art from Northern & Southern Appalachia. North/South is a publication of Studio Appalachia *Named adopted from the North/South Appalachian Highway Official Website Blog on the Studio Appalachia site Studio Appalachia Facebook Page
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Monday, February 18, 2019

Jim Webb Special Is(sue) Release!

Dear Kinfolk,

I am ecstatic to announce to you that our first Special Is(sue), the Jim Webb Is(sue), is live! The pieces that everyone sent were beautifully evocative of Wiley Quixote and the whole is a fitting tribute that would have tickled him pink. This is, of course, a completely Appalachian is(sue). References to WMMT.FM, Webb’s most famous collection “Get In, Jesus”, and the devastating effects of mountain top removal abound. There are even beautiful photos awash in white daylight of paw paws. Almost all the contributors were close friends and acquaintances with the poet and that personal true feeling in the is(sue) is powerful and profound. Thank you all so much! This is(sue) will be shared with his wife Katie. Hopefully, it will give her comfort and joy. To access the is(sue), click on the menu bars in the upper left corner and click “Special Is(sues)”. This is(sue) will reside there for as long as there is an AvantAppal(achia) ezine. Here is the direct link.

If you submitted between January and now and did not receive an email on or before February 14th, it is because we feel that your work is more suited to one of the regular issues and we are holding it for the June Is(sue). Speaking of which, the submission period for the June 2019 is(sue) is now officially open. So back to weird, avant-garde, experimental, Appalachian and worldwide. The deadline for the next is(sue) is May 31, 2019. Please read and follow the guidelines posted when submitting.

As usual, you all went above and beyond and made a truly Special is(sue). You are what make AvantAppal(achia) the ground-breaking leading ezine that it is. Thank you for your beautiful magic!


Sabne Raznik
Poetry/Art Ed(itor)