Monday, May 16, 2022

Deadline for Is(sue) 11


Dear Kinfolk,

Our deadline for Is(sue) 11 is May 31, 2022. We need your avant garde, experimental, weird, fantastic poetry, short fiction, and art.

Please look at the Guidelines on the website. Because of time constraints we will now have to automatically reject submissions that do not follow the Guidelines. Especially, we ask that you remember to include your state or country of current residence in your bio.

Thank you so much! AvantAppal(achia) is what it is because of each and everyone of you.

See you soon!


Sabne Raznik
Poetry/Art Ed(itor)

Sunday, May 1, 2022

"Dreaming of Bono" Launched Today from VoiceLux

"A little girl, a young lady, and a mature woman walk into a bar and order a pint of Guinness. Only the mature woman leaves.


Because "hope has wings" and only the mature woman has the experience enough to manipulate "the sadness in our will : the courage of noble righteous doomed, who defy and defy ... because we must, if only for those who lack the strength to fight". Because, as I told you, "she's lived more than you'll ever read".

The collection is a taste of mental growth in action, weaving dreams, reality and over the top stardom into a father figure only to outgrow him in the most superlative way.

A carry in your pocket lifting of burdens to peruse over and over again. Why? Because "hope" is making a ruckus to get your attention! -- Marica, Artist"

Get yours at Voicelux