Monday, April 20, 2020


We are sad to have to announce that due to not yet having enough submissions, as well as the general internet overload as a result of the global quarantine causing massive tech issues on our end (indeed, those delayed this notice), we are forced to postpone the Special Yes(ABLED) Is(sue). At this time submissions are still open for it and the next regular is(sue), but the deadline is fluid. That means we will be keeping the submission period for the Yes(ABLED) is(sue) open until further notice. We hope this will encourage you to submit more poems, art, and stories. Quarantine will hopefully give you more time for writing and creating.
We send y’all our love. Please, take care of your mental as well as your physical health - and that of your loved ones and neighbors. We wish you safe passage through this unprecedented time!

Sabne Raznik
Poetry/Art Ed(itor)