Monday, May 16, 2022

Deadline for Is(sue) 11


Dear Kinfolk,

Our deadline for Is(sue) 11 is May 31, 2022. We need your avant garde, experimental, weird, fantastic poetry, short fiction, and art.

Please look at the Guidelines on the website. Because of time constraints we will now have to automatically reject submissions that do not follow the Guidelines. Especially, we ask that you remember to include your state or country of current residence in your bio.

Thank you so much! AvantAppal(achia) is what it is because of each and everyone of you.

See you soon!


Sabne Raznik
Poetry/Art Ed(itor)

Sunday, May 1, 2022

"Dreaming of Bono" Launched Today from VoiceLux

"A little girl, a young lady, and a mature woman walk into a bar and order a pint of Guinness. Only the mature woman leaves.


Because "hope has wings" and only the mature woman has the experience enough to manipulate "the sadness in our will : the courage of noble righteous doomed, who defy and defy ... because we must, if only for those who lack the strength to fight". Because, as I told you, "she's lived more than you'll ever read".

The collection is a taste of mental growth in action, weaving dreams, reality and over the top stardom into a father figure only to outgrow him in the most superlative way.

A carry in your pocket lifting of burdens to peruse over and over again. Why? Because "hope" is making a ruckus to get your attention! -- Marica, Artist"

Get yours at Voicelux 


Thursday, April 21, 2022

A(A) E-Reading #4: National Poetry Month Edition

Dear Kinfolk,

This is just a reminder of our National Poetry Month reading coming up. This will happen on April 29, 2022 at 7 pm EDT. If you want to attend, register at EventBrite.

Looking forward to seeing you there!


Sabne Raznik
Poetry/Art Edi(itor)


Friday, April 8, 2022

The Modern Plague Years Special Is(sue) is live!


Dear Kinfolk,


The Modern Plague Years Special Is(sue) is live under the Special Is(sues) menu tab on! Thank you so much for sharing your work with us.


If you did not receive a yay or nay email from us about your submission during this reading cycle, know that David Sykes and I have read it and decided it would better suit a regular is(sue) and kept it for Is(sue) 11 in June. You will receive notification concerning it during that reading cycle.


Please remember to check out the Guidelines on the website when you submit and follow these. As a writer myself I know submission anxiety is real and I do not wish to be strict, but the volume of submissions we now receive and time constraints force me to it. If you fail to include the state or country of your current residence or fail to follow any of the other guidelines, we will be forced to reject your work regardless of its quality. So please – please – read those guidelines thoroughly and follow them closely. Thank you!


The deadline for Is(sue) 11 is May 31, 2022, for a publication date on June 15, 2022. We need your avantgarde, experimental, and weird poetry, art, and short stories.


Thank you for making this ezine the stellar publication it is!




Sabne Raznik

Poetry/Art Ed(itor)

Monday, January 17, 2022

Review of Kai Coggin's "Mining for Stardust"

 Kai Coggin, Mining for Stardust (FlowerSong Press, 2021) 99 pages, poetry, $18.00. At FlowerSong Press.

Kai Coggin's latest collection is modern confessional poetry. Here you will find no symbolism or imagery for its own sake. Every poem is straightforward, literal, and usually long. It leaves nothing to the imagination. These are COVID pandemic poems, a nearly chronological journal of the poet's experience of 2020. Some are optimism in extremis, others are angry, others almost despairing. All of them are starkly honest.

The best poems are introverted rather than extroverted, self-reflecting rather than social and political. These poems tend to be a little shorter and leave the reader with more breathing room for interaction by filling the little blanks that are less literal and more suggestive within them. As in "When the Stars Fall":

the rain falls 

hard heavy

on the white petals

of jasmine

that have entwined

their soft bodies to the steel 

that holds our house 

to the earth

swirling galaxy of stars

that affixes 

us to the ground

and to the heavens combined

in the morning

a universe is scattered

under our bare feet

Some of these poems are too much of their moment to remain relevant 10 or 20 years from now. Some are truly sublime. In that sense, it's a potluck seeking to be comfort food. Its strongest argument for itself is that it will continue to be an honest, individual chronicle of a year which will surely be of interest to history. 

In January 2020, I was completing an audiobook of Daniel Defoe's "A Journal of Plague Year", which - although being fiction - is the nearest thing we have today to an actual journal of an individual living during the last substantial outbreak of bubonic plague in London just a year before the Great London Fire. I did not then know, of course, that I would immediately begin to live through a modern plague of different cause. I have often had occasion to think back on that book in the 2 years since listening to it and make comparisons and to be grateful for the differences that modernism makes in how humanity weathers such an event. (How fortunate we are to have refrigerators so that we do not have to go to market literally everyday for food! How wonderful is having the internet so as to stay in touch!) I imagine books like "Mining for Stardust" will serve a similar purpose for future generations in helping them to understand the human stories of this time.

Thursday, December 16, 2021

Is(sue) 10 is live, Youtube Channel, and Special Pandemic Is(sue)


Dear Kinfolk,


Lots to talk about at AvantAppal(achia):


First off we wish to express our sorrow on hearing of the death of bell hooks. That is a blow, not only to Appalachia, but to the world.


Secondly, Is(sue) 10 went live yesterday! We have some potent work from 3 countries and 14 states. The word is getting out and the quality of the work and the volume of submissions continues to grow. We are thrilled about that! Go check it out at


We now have a Youtube channel which will be used to host videos from our submissions where the artists do not have channels of their own from which to host videos. The videos will remain hosted there until the Is(sue) in which they appear is taken down. At that point, it is up to you as the copyright holder whether we continue to host them in perpetuity on Youtube or not. Just let us know. So if you don’t have Youtube yourself, send us the vid anyway and we’ll handle the rest.


Announcing “The Modern Plague Years” Special Is(sue): this is(sue)’s deadline is March 31, 2022 and it will go live under Special Is(sues) in the menu on April 10, 2022 where it will remain as long as the website does. Please refrain from arguing the politics of the pandemic or of vaccines. We are interested in your individual pandemic experiences. See the home page and Sub(missions) for more information. And please remember to put “Plague Years” in your email subject line to differentiate it from regular is(sue) subs.


Is(sue) 11 – the next regular is(sue) – has a deadline of May 31, 2022 and should go live on June 15, 2022.


Don’t forget that you can donate towards keeping AvantAppal(achia) online by going to Donat(ions) in the menu. Thank you so much, Kinfolk, for everything you do! You make this unique, fun space everything that it is!




Sabne Raznik

Poetry/Art Ed(itor)

Saturday, October 23, 2021

Deadline for Is(sue) 10 of AvantAppal(achia)


Dear Kinfolk,


Is(sue) 10 of AvantAppal(achia) will go live on December 15, 2021 and we need your experimental poetry, art, and short stories! Go to to check out guidelines and submit to avantappalachia@gmail by November 30, 2021. That’s the deadline. Dave Sykes and I accept submissions from around the world with only a slight emphasis on Appalachian poets, artists, and writers. We do ask for you to avoid holiday themes, erotica, and gratuitous language. Other than that, have fun. This ezine is all about the avant-garde and experimentalism. If you tend to write more conventional poetry, we also have an Appal(Trad) section. Thank you all for your loyalty – this ezine is what it is because of you!




Sabne Raznik

Poetry/Art Ed(itor)