Friday, June 15, 2018

Is(sue) 5 is Live (and Some Other Things)

Dear Kinfolk,

AvantAppal(achia) has been through a minor season of change between Is(sue) 4 and Is(sue) 5. We said goodbye to Founding Short Story Ed(itor), Kodi Mullins, as she went on to new endeavors, and welcomed our new Short Story Ed(itor), David Sykes. Dave has taken on the role with zeal! And a new ed(itor) means that the e-zine now has a slightly different format. We now accept two (2) short stories per is(sue). However, only one (1) will be chosen to represent that is(sue) in the Arch(ive). Dave has been added as an admin on AvantAppal(achia)'s Poetry Challenge Group on Facebook as well, so you can get to know him better there.The Kinfolk also lost regular contributor Michael Williams from Tennessee when he died suddenly in March. Is(sue) 5 has been dedicated to his memory. And we have added a Don(ations) page to the website. So if you like what we do and would like to keep us doing it, please consider checking that out. Depending on our need, AvantAppal(achia) may be running a fundraiser on Facebook in the Fall. We'll keep you updated on that.

Is(sue) 5 is now live! HERE. It features some familiar names and some new. There are exciting pieces from Charles A. Swanson, Volodymyr Bilyk, and Jeff Bagato and a humorous audio piece by Craig Kurtz. As always, Bill Wolak gives us some fascinating art and standout works by Corbin Fouts and Katherine Workman compliment in that category. In fiction, we have a mesmerizing sci-fi piece about Appalachia in the future from the mind of Jason Belcher and a character study regarding societal views of disabled or different persons by Cecile Dixon. Philip Kent Church rounds off the is(sue) in the Appal(Trad) section.

Be sure to check out the Arch(ive) to see whose work was chosen to represent Is(sue) 4 for posterity. We will be in touch regarding Is(sue) 6 in due time.

Have a beautiful summer, Kinfolk, and thank you for another rule-bending is(sue)! We couldn't do this without you!


Sabne Raznik
Found(er), Web(master), Poetry/Art Ed(itor)

Saturday, June 9, 2018

SabneRaznikArt Now Open On Etsy

The Etsy shop "SabneRaznikArt" is now open! There you can buy unique hand-painted watercolour or acrylic all occasion cards and hand-crocheted doilies. Go to to see what's on offer. Also check back often as new items will be added at any time!

Monday, June 4, 2018

Job Change

I am no longer with All my artwork, digital and otherwise, is available through me directly for now. Thank you.