Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Dear Kinfolk,

The Jim Webb Special Is(sue) was a grand slam success; thank you all! We are back on our regular schedule, so please send your weirdest poetry, art, and short stories for the June is(sue) by May 31, 2019. We do encourage contributions from all of Appalachia and the world! AvantAppal(achia) Website

The AvantAppal(achia) website will be undergoing a complete redesign before the end of the year and at that time the Guidelines for submissions will also change. So stay tuned for that. Until the redesign happens and the changes are announced, please continue to submit according to the current guidelines.

I am thrilled to the marrow to announce to y’all a new partnership between The Watershed Journal (Pennsylvania), Studio Appalachia and Dark Horse Appalachia (Virginia) and AvantAppal(achia) (Kentucky) to form a new initiative called North/South Appalachia (named after the North/South Appalachian Highway). This is an inclusive online journal with a yearly anthology and a podcast available via Soundcloud which will feature work from people who have ties to Appalachia – all of Appalachia, all 13 states included in the region – and seeks to document this unique moment in Appalachian history as it steps out from under the oppression of industrialization and forges a new identity with roots in its proud past and moving into a positive, empowering future that pushes back against the old stereotypes, a documentation of the Appalachian Renaissance as it unfolds. For more information, visit North/South Appalachia

Also, North/South Appalachia is looking for an editor from the Appalachian portions of Georgia, Alabama, or Mississippi to extend its outreach to the entire region. This will be a volunteer opportunity. If interested, email my personal email at It is our sincere hope that you will support and enjoy both AvantAppal(achia) and North/South Appalachia.


Sabne Raznik
Poetry/Art Ed(itor), AvantAppal(achia)
Co-Editor Southern Appalachian Region, North/South Appalachia

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